Number of those who love you won’t be less (Mohabbat Karne Wale Kam Na Honge)


Number of those who love you – die for you, won’t be less.
But in gathering of your confidants, I won’t be present.

Whole world’s torment, and then there – a trouble of yours.
Should this pain be, what other sufferings be in absence?

Even if by some miracle or a coincidence – we do unite.
The awe and amazement of distance won’t ever be less.

Complications for hearts – restlessness will keep arising.
If few suggestions and advice won’t partake in romance.

Oh Guardian (“Hafiz”), no matter how much I’m self-conscious here.
There, for my advances, won’t be even a hint of complain for annoyance.

– Dedicated to the lovers too unsure of themselves in front of the beloved.

Original poem is by Haffiz Hoshyarpuri.

mohabbat karanevaale kam na ho.nge
terii mahafil me.n lekin ham na ho.nge

zamaane bhar ke Gam yaa ik teraa Gam
ye Gam hogaa to kitane Gam na ho.nge

dilo.n kii ulajhane.n ba.Datii rahe.ngii
Agar kuchh mashvare baaham na ho.nge

agar tuu ittafaaqan mil bhii jaaye
terii furqat ke sadame.n kam na ho.nge

‘Hafeez’ un se mai.n jitanaa bad_gumaa.N huu.N
vo mujh se is qadar barham na ho.nge

Rendition presented at top is by non other than Ghazal Maestro (my favorite) Mehdi Hassan saheb. Following is his live performance.

One cherishes hearing this as nostalgia yet wonders what happened to the era when ghazals were intricately woven part of our music culture.

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