Eyes gazed down are yearning or not? (Jhuki jhuki si nazar beqaraar hai ke nahin?)


Those concealed eyes of yours are in longing, or not?
Though repressed inside the heart – love it is, or not?

Count your budding heart-beats and reveal to me,
Quite like mine – yours too are restless…  or not?

That moment in which love reaches its pinnacle,
You too are yearning for that moment…  or not?

In your hope, I distance myself from the whole world,
You too possess this much belief in yourself… or not?

– Dedicated of course to the concealed eyes…

The ghazal is from one of my favorite Hindi films, no-nonsense and art-house cinema masterpiece: Arth (1982) by film-maker Mahesh Bhatt. Rendition presented above is part of a film sung by non other than Ghazal maestro: Jagjit Singh.

jhuki jhuki si nazar beqaraar hai ke nahin
daba daba sa sahee dil mein pyaar hai ke nahin

tu apne dil ki jawaan dhadkanon ko gin ke bata
meri tarah tera dil beqaraar hai ke nahin

wo pal ke jis mein mohabbat jawaan hoti hai
us ek pal ka tujhe intezaar hai ke nahin

teri umeed pe thukraa raha hoon duniya ko
tujhe bhee apne pe ye aitbaar hai ke nahin

– The original lyrics are penned by one of the greatest Indian Urdu poet: Kaifi Azmi

Such a potent combination of talented people, with such rigorous emotions and eloquent expression, one that touches the paramount of perfection – a rare sight indeed. They’re made to be eternal – to be cherished forever – till the consciousness remains.

5 thoughts on “Eyes gazed down are yearning or not? (Jhuki jhuki si nazar beqaraar hai ke nahin?)

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