The Impossible

My love…
How can you ask me…
How come I don’t believe
in love anymore…?
Write no more…?
Sing no more…?

Answer me…

Why would the honey bee
kiss anything
less than a flower?

Why would a sunflower
settle to bloom for anything
less than the sun?

How would a river
bend itself for anything
less than an arc of a mountain?

Why would a bird spread
its wings for anything
less than the vast open sky?

How would a moon shine
so bright for anything
less than the dark eyes
starving to catch a silver?

How would tides of the ocean
sing a song of passion for anything
less than a sight of moon full of its effervesence?

How would a poet bleed
on blank canvas for anyone
less than a tale to tell?

How would the clouds dare
to collide and yell for anything
less than a melody of storm that can stir the soul?

How would a butterfly dance
on the breeze for anything
less than the joy of a flight?

So, my love, tell me this…
How would my heart
possibly beat for anything less
than the rhythm of love
governed by your smile…?

For what I have seen with you…
can neither be unseen
nor can be reseen…
Hence my love,
I cannot fathom nor the song or the voice
for anyone else than the one
who I experienced the purity of love with…

I cannot love, anyone else
The way I love you…
For music of your smile
is what lifts the burdens
for my heart to flutter…
For you what happens
to be a command effortless…
For rest, it’s impossible.

— Dedicated to the beloved.


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