Every So Often

Kabhi Kabhi

Once in a while, a thought barges into my mind, like your steps cruise into my heart

Every so often
a thought barges into my mind…
That your existence
is wholly there
for me to praise.

Before this,
you used to exist only
in some realm of fantasies.
You’re chosen to live,
to sing in these lands for me.

Your colorful eyes,
are for me to reflect in.
Your long strands of hairs
are for me to play with.

Curls of your hairs are
a vortex of time,
in which we are lasting,
for moments infinite.

Your eyes are whirlpool
for me to drown in…
Your lids draw off
like a curtains,
just to see me swimming.

Your face is there to
acquire the peace
of my chest…
Your lap is there for me
to rest my head in.

Your jawline is there
for me to hold as mug,
your lips are there
for me to consume
as potion chalice.

Your body is there,
to be covered in my embrace.
Your fragrance is there,
for me
to sleep in its presence.

Your hands are there,
to sculpt me immortal,
painting words of magic.
Your poems are just
for me to bathe in.

Your heart is there
to store my heart beats,
Your mind is there to
save me from getting lost,
yet to keep me bewildering…

Your breaths, heartbeats,
whispers are for me
to unlock, only for me to listen.
Your time is for me
to get dissolved in.

I know…
I’m being too selfish here,
with no right to be.
Yet, every so often
a thought barges into my mind…

– Dedicated to that “every so often” selfishness which bewitches the lover.

Heavily and very shamelessly inspired by one of the favorite poems: “Kabhi Kabhi” by acclaimed lyricist “Sahir Ludhianvi“.

Trivia: The original is used in a Bollywood film that goes by the same name. “In the film, poet Amit, (Amitabh Bachchan) presents his first book of verse titled ‘Kabhi Kabhie’ to his beloved Pooja (Rakhi Gulzar) as a wedding gift after she tells him that her parents have decided to marry her off to an industrialist’s son (Rishi Kapoor). Heartbrocken, Amit leaves the poetry and joins his father’s business. Ironically Amit turns out to be Pooja’s husband favorite poet and he recites the song to her on their wedding night.”

Image Credits: unboxedwriters.com


5 thoughts on “Every So Often

  1. pure romance at its finest. now why didn’t i write those words for the woman i am thinking of??!! well done. i think i need to read Kabhi

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